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Q: Why Antidigitalism?

A: It sounds good. And it harks back to my old man who wrote a book never published called Antileviathan.

Q: So are your abstracts about opposing the large and the impersonal?

A: That sounds good too.

Q: They must mean something.

A: Why? Why do they have to be about anything? Look, this is series of large, mainly monochrome abstracts. What I like about them one of the reasons I did them was the way reflected light from individual brush-strokes changes as the viewer moves relative to the painting. There is an appearance and disappearance of form and pattern. This is only hinted at in reproduction. The four cube paintings hung together as a unit add up to something greater than the sum of the parts. The idea was to pluck out primary colours and put them into a cube in the form of digital points. Black on its own can represent anything or nothing. With the primaries, when you add a point to get more colour or add a shade of light and it can become everything.

Q: Everything?

A: That's right.

Q: What's that got to do with your father or sea monsters?

A: Nothing.

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